Sunday, May 27, 2012

Forum post...

I noticed that I was getting sales in the UK without corresponding trials.  In the past, that's indicated a good positive review or comment somewhere.

I did some searching, and found some forum posts here.

Some quotes:
Additional also, the Xbox live Indie game "Hidden in plain sight" is AMAZING. I want this to be played at Heggfest as much as all the fighting games. I played it with a few friends this evening and ended up spending four solid hours on it. Probably premature to say it, but it feels like it would become a local multiplayer staple on a par with Saturn Bomberman, Mario Kart, Smash Bros. and Deathtank.

Someone else responded:

Hidden in Plain Sight looks amazing. Just watched a video on youtube of the man who made it talking about it. Looks tremendous fun; I've always loved that concept of decieving other players like in The Ship and that other one witht he sniper party thing. Never played them though. They've always reminded me a bit of Spy vs Spy as well, which I've played literally once, and loved, on the Master System, when I was about nine.

I also love how the lovely developer man keeps talking about everyone having a lot of fun and laughing and yelling and having a good time. He's a good man.

The first guy wrote back:

Yeah, Mr. Spragg seems like a gent. He's also responded to in the commnents of numerous online reviews of the game, not to argue with the reviewers but to explain anything they found questionable and just chatting about the game.

The game has been criticised for being local multiplayer only, but I agree with his assessment that it just wouldn't have the same charm played any other way. It's like with Bomberman, where you can play it online and mechanically it functions the same, but for me personally it isn't even half as fun as six people getting drunk and tripping over Saturn controller cables.

Aside from the hilarity and the (whisper it) social aspect of playing it locally, with HIPS I think it would affect the gameplay as well. Reading people's faces and reactions is a part of the game, as are simple tricks you'd use in any bluffing game like thinking out loud and whatever other misdirection you can think of. I understand that people don't necessarily have the luxury of always having three like-minded people on hand to play the game, but even that reasoning (which might make, say, a full Rock Band kit more difficult to justify) is offset quite well by the fact that HIPS costs a mere 80 Microsoft points. I feel like it paid for itself in the one session I've had with it so far.

Get it and force people to play it with you and have many laughs. 

So there it is...  I'm a gent!  :)