Thursday, April 26, 2012

Hidden in Plain Sight getting some love...

I search for news about Hidden in Plain Sight quite often, and found this video and loved it!  It was really fun to watch them play, and especially to listen to them figure out how the game works.

One of the big challenges of HIPS was to explain a relatively complicated game in a concise way.  I really didn't want to create big instruction screen, and I obviously can't include a manual or readme.txt file.  So getting any feedback on players first walkthroughs is huge.

Watch live video from HorribleNight on TwitchTV 

Also, IndieGamerChick posted a review.  From her website, I understand that IndieGamerChick is autistic.  I know very little about autism, but I understand that personal and social interactions can be affected.  I also know that HIPS is a very social game, revolving around personal interaction.  So while she might not be the exact demographic I was going for, she still gave it a pretty decent review.

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