Monday, November 19, 2012

Happy Birthday Hidden in Plain Sight!

Hidden in Plain Sight has been out on the market for a full year now.  The free trial has been downloaded 9162 times, and there have been 7248 purchases.  The purchase-to-trial ratio is 79.11%.

Here's that weird sales graph again, for the official full year numbers.  Click to embiggen.

Needless to say, the sales of HIPS, and the feedback that I've received, has far exceeded my expectations.  In fact, I admit that it's made it a little more difficult for me to get motivated to start a new project.


  1. planning on making one for PS3? just change the button logos ecencialy. i REALLY want to play it, but only have PS3.

    1. I wish I could, but it's not as simple as just replacing the button images. Playstation games are made using a different technology, and to get them published on the Playstation Market isn't easy.

      Trust me, I would if I could, but it's not my choice.

      Hopefully you can find a friend with an Xbox and try it out at their house!

  2. Hi Adam,
    I bought your game a few weeks ago and I play it constantly with my brother. It is a £1 that is a million times better than a lot of £45 games. Also, congratulations on that conversion rate, I know as soon as I had played a single match I knew I was buying it :)

    I was wondering if you have any further plans for the game or if you are going to work on another project? Also, I am currently developing 2 projects in XNA at the moment. A piece of coursework for school that is a mechanics/physics sandbox except it is meant to be more equation focused with the player needing to work out projectile paths etc. on paper. The second is my own project which is a reimagining of the classic pencil and paper game, Battleship. I am converting into a full blown TBS and RTS with features such as different terrain (land, sand etc. not just water), land/sea/air vehicles, buildings, economy, different ammunition types etc. I have already made this game in a command-line interface with a programming language called Pascal.

    However, with the Battleship remake, I've encountered some problems with XNA. There are two features I think are necessary to implement from the get go that I am having difficulty with. I want to have customisable controls for PC+Xbox and also a game that scales correctly to various resolutions as well as having a safe area for the 360. My question is, what is the best way to approach these? How does Hidden in Plain Sight scale with different resolutions and aspect ratios?


  3. Hey Ronan... thanks for your kind note!

    Your Battleship idea sounds really cool. I'd just caution you to be careful about biting off too much!

    That said. I made Hidden in Plain Sight to run in a 1280x720 window. Actually, everything is rendered to an offscreen 1280x720 RenderTarget, and that RenderTarget is then drawn to a custom rectangle onto the screen.

    When you choose "Adjust Screen" from the main menu, what you are actually doing is adjusting that custom rectangle. So it shapes and distorts the screen as a 1280x720 window is copied to some irregular shaped rectangle.

    When I ported the game to Windows, I do the same thing, only this time, I detect the desktop resolution (say its 1400x900). Then I find the biggest rectangle I can to fit within that screen that matches the 1280x720 aspect ratio. I use that as my "custom rectangle" from above.

    So, the main point is that everything is drawn to a fixed 1280x720, and then from there it is copied into whatever target rectangle it needs to be.

    Hope that makes some sense. You can email me at if you have more questions!

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  5. hello, just to let you know HIPS won an award on Nolife. there are 3 categories, Nolife journalist top 10, Nolife viewers top 10 and a special prize category. Just saw the show on TV and it says HIPS is a smart and really fun multiplayer game for just 1 euro.

    1. That's fantastic! Thanks for letting me know!

  6. Hi there,

    Just wondering if you'll ever port this to Steam/PC. I'd buy this for sure and all I've seen so far is one video on yt, just don't have any console.