Monday, May 23, 2011

The Battle for Venga Islands has begun!

When I checked on the status of my Peer Review this morning, it said it was ready to publish!

All thoughts of timing the market, waiting for summer vacation, and so forth went right out the window.  I decided to try the ol' "Monday morning 8am release."  I published at around 8am, and the game was available to play by about 10am or 10:30am.

I sent out a slew of emails to some reviewers saying "try my game!", and then sat back and watched.

I have a little "Online" indicator that is a debug tool to tell when data is being transferred to another client.  I was able to watch that light up, and look around the map and see that some new regions were captured.  I also have a "most regions captured" high score list, and I started seeing names pop up on that.  IT'S WORKING!

After an hour or so, some people have gotten online, captured a region or two, and left.  But one or two players are systematically capturing strategic regions, trying to surround the starting lands of the other team.  Another player noticed this, and they are in kind of a slow-moving chess match trying to surround each other.  It's thrilling to watch.

There are currently 11 people on the high score list (including me).

I can't wait to see how this all shapes up!

With Bad Golf, I had no sense of when people were playing the game, or how much.  I just needed to wait a couple days to actually see results show up in the reports.  With this game, I get a very real sense that people are actually playing it RIGHT NOW, and can track their progress.

So cool.

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