Sunday, September 9, 2012

Donations Accepted!

Hello Hidden in Plain Sight fans!

I didn't make Hidden in Plain Sight to get rich.  I made it because I thought it sounded like a fun game.  And I've gotten a lot of rewarding feedback that people really seem to like the game.

My goal is to have as many people play the game as possible.  That's why I've set the price as low as possible.

That said, if you like the game, I think you should have the opportunity to pay me what you think it's worth.  I'm sure you'd gladly pay $10 to see a two hour movie.  Or $5 on a snack or coffee.  So if you play this game for an hour and have some laughs with your friends or family, shouldn't that be worth a buck or two?

Click the big button below to pay me for my time.  You don't need a PayPal account and can use a credit card!

Please note that you are NOT ACTUALLY BUYING ANYTHING when you click the button.  You are simply giving me money because you think the game is worth it.

Take my Money!

Remember, this is just a hobby for me.  I love that people are playing the game, and I love the feedback that I've gotten.  I'd rather have more people playing the game and make less money than mess with DRM and charging some fixed amount.

Play the game, enjoy it, and if you like it, throw some money my way.  And hell, even if you don't want to pay, at least leave a message with some feedback (good, bad, or indifferent).


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  1. Hi, I would really love to buy a copy of your game, but it's extremely difficult if not impossible now for the PC. Indievania seems to be dying. The payment system is broken and has been for a month there (you can see people saying as such in the comments section). Indiecity forces people to download yet another client running on the machine and I'd hate something else cluttering up the machine and to end up breaking things or hogging bandwidth and resources. I was hoping to get a direct download from Indievania but as I said, the site is horribly broken. :(