Thursday, October 4, 2012

IndieCade Awards

So the evening went well...  I showed up to the event and got checked in and was placed in a line with other nominees.  At the front of the line was BRIGHT lights and cameras and microphones.  Pretty scary.  Chatted with the girl behind me who was alone and also looked scared, so we were scared together.  Then saw that Kellee Santiago was standing next to me.  She's the CEO of the company that made the Journey game (beautiful desert game with hooded guy jumping around that I played recently), as well as some other big names.  She also knows Andy, and has tweeted nice things about my game (and is also chairperson of the jury).  So I said hi to her and chatted for a bit.

Then I got to the front of the line and got asked some questions about my game which I don't remember and totally was awkward and nervous.  I seriously have no idea what I said, and I'm glad I didn't win 'cause the footage was unusably bad.  :)

Then I got inside and there was loud music and a crowded couple rooms.  I finally got a beer and just kind of camped out until the show began.  Felicia Day was the host, so it was cool to see her.  I'm jumped on her bandwagon recently.  But she (and all the other presenters) were given cards to read, so it didn't really have a natural feel to it.  She just kind of read through her lines.

There were various categories, and while they made it very clear that all nominees were up for all categories, they read off three games per category.  My game was nominated for "Game Design", and my heart was POUNDING.  Then they couldn't find the envelope, which prolonged things.  But I didn't end up winning.  It went to Armada D6, a tabletop game.  I held out a little hope for the final Special Mention or Grand Jury prize, but alas.

I'm both disappointed, relieved, and not-surprised, I guess.  Disappointed in that it would have been a dream to win, but I didn't really expect to, I guess.  But I hoped.  Anyways.

There was an after party with dancing and stuff, but not really knowing anyone and with the crowd thinning, I left.

Tomorrow is pretty open in the morning, then setup and media/VIP walkthrough in the afternoon.  Having someone as influential as Felicia Day play and like your game would be amazingly huge (she has 1.9 million followers), so I hope I get a chance to show it to her.  (I'LL SHOW IT TO HER!!!  Sorry).

And now, a nice big bed to myself.  Blinds are drawn.  No one to wake me up and no morning plans.

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