Wednesday, October 17, 2012

It's OVER 5000!

I just checked all-time sales, and I'm up over 5100 now, thanks to that serious bump in the last few days from the SourceFed video.

The bottom sales graph is really weird to me.  I can pick out various events that caused little bumps, which is cool.

Initial release Indie Pitch article in December
Reddit review in late January
Chez Marcus in July (look at all those French sales!)
SourceFed in October


  1. Adam, is it at all possible to purchase this in Australia? Will this be possible in the future? I am really keen to purchase this game, but it would seem only the Americans get local multiplayer Ninja fun.

  2. It's not only Americans who can play. I've had lots of sales in France and Great Britain and Canada, and even got a comment from someone in Saudi Arabia!

    You're not the first Aussie I've heard from! My understanding is that the Australian government doesn't allow for unrated games. And XBLIG's aren't rated.

    That said, I'm working on a Windows version of the game, and hope to have that wrapped up soon. You'll still need Xbox controllers and it will still be 2-4 players.

    Hope that helps!